Dig out your sandwich toasters!
This a quick snack with a bite… the bonus is that there’s no real cooking lol

What you need…
Sandwich toaster
Brinjal Pickle… I usually buy Patak’s, this is the spicy aubergine one!
Mature cheddar cheese
Sliced bread

What you need to do…
Butter the outside of two slices of bread and place them butter side down in the toaster.
Spread some brinjal pickle on the bread.
Finely slice the onion and evenly place on the pickle.
Add a couple of slabs of the cheese.
Place a slice of bread on top and butter it.
Close the sandwich toaster and toast till golden!

What to do next…
Great eaten by themselves.. Excellent in picnics once cooled!
I sometimes have them with a salad and a mayonnaise dip!

Introduced to me by my Brother (in-law)… This is a tiny variation of his!
Eat and share.