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Thank you for even getting to this point… It’s muchly appreciated!

Last year, when I realised how the years had crept up on me, and hence my parents, I was terrified by the fact that much of my happy memories focused on the food we shared. Many of these recipes will be lost or forgotten and not replicated…

I started to write down some of these in a book.. “My Food Memoirs”.

As I mentioned this to friends, more and more asked for these recipes, so I shared a few.. as in the ones I’d managed to write down!

They loved them!!! It worked…

Ive now decided to blog as many of them for you to enjoy and experiment with… Also it saves me having to repeatedly write them out for friends, I’m lazy (as you’ll discover)

Food is about experimentation and fun.. Keep it that way and feel free to take these family gems and use them however you choose to!


All “likes” are values and ALL “comments” are treasured!


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