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The Yard.. Faversham

Tucked away on Jacobs Yard, just off Preston Street is The Yard.  The Yard has just celebrated its first year of trading, and for some reason, I’ve only just discovered it (thank you Prosecco Girls).

As you walk in you are first greeted by an eye fattening cake and pastry counter (this is where you can sneak out a tasty take out!).  The first encounter with, I guarantee you, with the staff will be warm, friendly and relaxed.  The main part of the café  is a carefully assembled collection of seating ranging from chairs, sofa’s and arm chairs. Table sizes vary as do their heights. The feeling is ‘welcoming’ and very relaxed.

Lovely touches like bottled water and glasses on the table, things to do for the kids scattered  around and the odd cactus! Looking around on the walls you will find artwork that can be purchased, specials boards and information for their infrequent but quirky evening sessions.


There are a few options: Breakfast, daytime and a selection of specials found on the blackboards. Wherever possible the ingredients are sourced locally and seasonal. The breakfast menu has a greater variety of vegetarian and vegan options, which I am yet to try. The day time menu seems to have fewer but with their flexibility and freshness, it all seems to hit the right notes.

…munching my way through a roasted vegetable grilled sandwich!

The front counter, as mentioned, is full of freshly made cakes and pastries.  I had the warm scones with clotted cream and jam. However I did reach across the table for stolen piece of sticky date and butterscotch cake… It was delicious!

As you’d expect there are a generous selection of teas, coffees and infusions. Please note none of the teas came from perforated bags!

tingling lemon and ginger!

In summary, if you are anywhere near Faversham, you’d be a damn fool not to make the an effort to drop by The Yard!

Update… 5th April 2016


Just had The Yard breakfast and it was definitely worth the trip.  For once, a very very scrummy vegan breakfast dish. I had the vegan rather than the veggie as I am not partial to egg in its egg form 🙂

So what was it? 

Herby mushrooms.. Yum. 

Roasted tomatoes on the vine… Yum.  

Scottish potato cake… Yum.

And last but definitely the star..

Their own Baked Beans… Double Yum!

A very hearty and satisfying start any day!


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