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Carbs… Low or Free!

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Just because you’re a vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean you are automatically healthy! Trust me, I am living proof that you can have a very indulgent and rich vegetarian diet!!! The problem is that I LOVE food and LOVE cooking and sharing it. Now the dilemma… How can you eat well and have very, very tasty food and remain relatively healthy?

I’ve looked at sooooo many different “diets” and have yet to find one that totally does it for me long term. The closest has been the 5:2 regime; I’ve done this for over 3 years and I do feel healthier and it is practical.  However I now find myself at point in life that I need a kick start or modification.. Basically I need to shift at least a stone and more importantly maintain that lose in an enjoyable way that is practical. Sound familiar? 

What I have discovered is that CARBS play a disproportionate amount of value in my diet. In the last year I have reduced the level of sugar in my diet. I now drink zero drinks wherever possible; I hated the taste in a past life. I even started using sweeteners in hot drinks, that’s how desperate it is! All of that still doesn’t seem to have the impact I am looking for. Recently I have discovered that, although sweetners don’t have the negative effect that people have long professed, they also don’t have the huge positive effects that you would expect. Essentially they are too good at mimicking the effect of sugar so that your body is too duped into thinking it actually has a sugar hit or spike. Grrrrrrrrrrr! There some newer discoveries of natural sweetners that are effectively zero carb and don’t have the same stimuli… But they taste rank!!! So my conclusion is not to have an alternative sweetner but to eliminate where possible. 

Today I have made a decision to have unsweetened black coffee and try some tea infusions… And go back to drinking fresh milk. 

So in the vain hope that I can go at the very least low carb, I am going to devote a section on Foodmemoirz to motivate me and perhaps give you a few new options. Although I won’t at this stage be able to give you exact carb values, I will carefully look at the ingredients and indicate whether it’s Low or Free of carbs. Some of these will be ones that I have already created and some maybe adaptations.

I hope you find this useful and feedback is always valuable. 



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