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Dishoom… Covent Garden.

Walking straight in and getting a table in a top 10 venue is rare but the “no booking” policy at Dishoom adds another layer of vibrancy to this gem of a “cafe”.

How I can only imagine it would feel, sound and smell walking into a cafe in the heart of Mumbai.. This would be my picture.

The chatter, the efficient but informal staff zipping through the tables, the smells from the open kitchens, the whirling fans and so much more…. I wish I’d recorded these sounds!

My fear now would normally be “I hope the star of the show, the food and menu lives up to my first impression!”

Phew it does and did! We had the breakfast menu and were tempted to stay the rest of the day to sample the “rest of the day” menu.

The Masala beans were what were most looking forward to.. And boy do they have a kick!



There are two main menu’s… Breakfast and an All Day one. 

Breakfast – a real fusion of spices and tastes which embody the ethos of a Bombay style experience. 

Vegetarian options are sadly scarce especially if you stay clear of eggs. 

All Day – a continuation of the experience at the start of the day but with tradional highlights like BLACK DAAL!

Vegetarian options are abundant! You will find it difficult to not to come back and try more on the menu. 


Amazing and friendly… No need to say more!

Overall… You would seriously be missing out if you didn’t visit Dishoom.  With an amazingly vibrant atmosphere, great service and mouth-watering food why wouldn’t you?! 

Please don’t go when I go as I wouldn’t want to queue 🙂

Fiery Bloody Mary…

Chilli cheese toast and Masala Beans… 

And here’s how to find it…

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