The most important spice in my recipes! 

To be honest, you can buy it BUT Jhaiji (my mother) makes a huge batch every couple of years and shares it amongst the family…and the packet ones NEVER taste the same! There are as many varieties of the masala as there are villages in India… That’s a lot!

Garam masala is a blend of various dried spices. The way I’ve listed the quantities is by proportion/ratio, the final taste all hinges on the relative balance of each spice… Some experimentation will be needed and you can change the balance after a batch has been made. 

If you make a large enough batch, 3-4 jam jars, it will last a long time… My sister keeps hers in the fridge and stays very fresh, but a cupboard is fine 🙂 

What you need… 

This is going to look tricky… 

1 coriander seeds 

 1/2 jeera


 Small handful of cinnamon sticks 

 Same for black peppercorns 

 Same whole dried ginger 

 Same green cardamom 

 1/2 handful of whole cloves 

 1/2 handful of bay leaves 

 1/2 handful of black cardamom 

It looks trickier than it sounds… Hopefully!

What you need to do… 

 This all needs to be bone dry… Jhaiji still dries this in the sun, when we get it, on the patio!

Grind each ingredient separately… Do not leave any of it coarse, but not too fine. 

 Then mix it all together.

And store it in an air tight jar!

At this point your house will be the most aromatic smelling one on your street 🙂 …open windows! 

What to do next… 

 Use it as often as possible… I even sprinkle it on cheese on toast before grilling!!



my jar in the fridge…thanks Jhaiji x