A dish designed, prepared and cooked by my 10 year old daughter…. she made it for my supper last week!

What you need…

Four medium sized potatoes…for boiling.
Three to four spring onions
Two mushrooms…any type.
A juicy plump tomato
Knob of butter
About 200g of Mature cheddar cheese…or any cheese you have that melts nicely.
Salt and pepper
Fresh coriander…for garnish, if you have it 🙂
Four ramekin dishes

What you need to do…

Peel, quarter and boil the potatoes until soft.
Add the butter, salt and pepper to taste and MASH!
Grate about a 100g of the cheese.
Slice the spring onions.
Finely chop the mushrooms.
Add All the cheese, most of the mushrooms and spring onions…keep enough back to lightly cover the four dishes later!
Mix it all!
Generously fill each ramekin… my daughter made them look like cupcakes!
Place in an oven about 180*C, for 15 minutes -ish
Cut the tomato in half and slice… to make semi circles.
Stick to slices into each dish to make butterflies!
Sprinkle some mushroom and spring onion onto each.
Add a healthy slice onto of each… see pictures below.
And grill until the cheese melts and bubbles!
Finely chop some coriander and garnish! …my daughter said they looked like green sprinkles 🙂

What to do next…

Eat it! …you may not want to share them!




…and what else you can do!

We just made some yesterday for my sis and bro with a twist…

Roast thin discs of aubergine with olive oil…with cracked black pepper and sea salt.
Place one at the bottom of the dish and layer it with the mash… With one on top and then a thick slice of tomato.
Bake…until tomato is charred.
Then grill with Applewood cheese until crispy!