For the past forty odd years Jhaiji has made this for me and although it may sound repulsive to those that are unitiniated, it is simply the most delicious dish ever!! It’s only recently that I have been able to make it myself… until recently I have stolen frozen tubs of the stuff from my parents chest freezer! I was nervous making it, not because it is difficult but more due to the fact I love my mothers!

What you need…
Lots of greens!
This can include baby spinach (4 big packs), brussel sprout tops (2 whole ones), white cabbage (one whole), greens (a couple of bunches). You will need lots!!
Stuff for 2 lots of Tholka
Polenta (corn meal or maize flour) …known as Mukki ka atta
A large pan
Hand held blender or masher
Salt for seasoning




What to do next…
Chop all the greens …it doesn’t matter small its all going to be boiled and blended!
Add the greens to the pan until its about 3/4 full and add some water …about a pint.
Boil and then simmer.
As the greens wilt and reduce keep adding the remaining greens until they are all in the pan …add more water as needed.
Turn the heat down to a low simmer and boil until completely wilted and cooked through …keep adding boiled water to keep it fluid and stir regularly. This should take about an hour so. Make sure you keep the lid on!
Add a healthy handful of mukki to the pan and mix into the greens. …the mukki will absorb the excess liquid.
Once mixed in use the handheld blender or masher to create a smoother consistency.
IMPORTANT…from this moment onwards you now have a pan of molten green lava which will spit at you, the hob and walls. Keep stirring when the lid is off. At all other times KEEP THE LID ON!!!!!
Keep this pan simmering gently until the tholka is added.


Prepare and cook the tholka in a separate pan.
Add this to the main pan and mix through thoroughly.
Chop the coriander and mix in.
If at this point you feel it is too thick, add some boiling water.
Add salt to taste …you may need more than you think so taste as you add!

Turn off the the heat and now you have tasty, deliicious green lava!

And finally…

Serve with fresh natural yoghurt, roti, pitta or naan bread.

Share and enjoy!