This is a recipe I have tried to get right for so long and I think I finally cracked it..

After the fourth phone call to Jhaiji..

…more note taking, the recipe I am happy with is…

What you need…
A fistful of fresh mint
4 white onions
2 green chillies… less if you want it milder!
2 teaspoons of Um Choor…it’s a sour mango powder, still quite specialised but can be bought from large supermarkets.
1 teaspoon of any white sugar.
1 teaspoon of salt.


What you need to do…

This has got to be one of the simplest ones…

Chuck it all into a blender until it’s chopped…you can leave it fairly chunky, onions approx 5mm, I advise you not to turn it into a purée!

Optional… my father, Papaji, says you can also chuck in an apple before blending.

What to do next…

Spoon it into jars and keep in the fridge. Use it at will (great with crackers!)… Delicious with Masoor Ki Daal!!

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Ps.. Guilty pleasure disclosure… When no ones looking I put a spoonful of chutney on a hot roti (or naan or pitta) with a knob of butter. It slowly melts into the chutney and I tear bits of roti off ….and scoop up the chutney and eat it! Not the healthiest of suggestions but it’s sooooo delicious!