For the second year we have created this Marsala infused trifle using the traditional Italian Panettone. I think this year we’ve just about got it right! This recipe was inspired by ones from Gino D’Acampo, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson. An ideal luxurious treat at Christmas! 

What you need…
For the trifle
150ml Marsala wine
500g of frozen berries
100g golden/soft brown sugar
200g mascarpone
500g Vanilla custard.. Madagascan vanilla custard is the best and worth it!
1 small Panettone.. About 500g
500ml double cream

For the jelly
1 tablespoon of Agar.. To make 240ml of jelly
200ml Marsala wine
2 tablespoons of caster sugar

Fresh pomegranate seeds… Optional

What you need to do…
Follow the instructions to make the Agar based jelly.. You will need about 240ml …you can obviously just use gelatine for a non-vegetarian version
Add the 200ml of Marsala wine to a pan with the sugar and warm through to dissolve. Then add the Agar jelly mixture.
This then needs to be added to a shallow tray (about 1 to 2 cm depth) and set in the fridge.

The trifle..
Put the Marsala wine and sugar in a pan and warm through.. Stirring until the sugar dissolves.
Add the berries and warm through on a medium heat until the fruit softens but does not lose its form. Allow to cool.
Cut the Panettone into 2cm cubes and line the bottom of glass dish/bowl… This can be at least 2 to 3 cube depth. At this point you may want to drizzle some Marsala wine onto the Panettone for an extra kick.
Pour the berry/Marsala mix over the Panettone and allow to soak.
Cut the strawberries in half, length ways and arrange against the side of the side of the dish.. Forming a line on top of the Panettone (see picture).

Mix the mascarpone and custard until smooth.. Then pour onto the bad berry mix.
Whisk the double cream until it can be spooned. Then spoon in dollops onto the top.. It looks better when it looks a bit mad and not smooth… But that’s just me!
Cut the set Marsala jelly into cubes and sprinkle randomly on the top.
Finally sprinkle the pomegranate jewels over the top.

What to do next…

Eat and share and indulge…


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