Recipe Adaptors

This is a great meat-free pizza.

Usually the favourite pizza in our house is one topped with as much pepperoni and salami as possible. However my vegetable patch is currently producing little Lebanese eggplants (aubergines), so I decided to make a meat-free pizza instead. Of course I still used a lot of cheese 🙂

The dough base in this recipe is super quick and easy to make. There is no yeast so no waiting time. The ingredients below are enough to make a big pizza – it filled my rectangular baking tray. Of course you could split the dough and make two smaller pizzas instead.

If you don’t want to go meat-free then some diced bacon would work really well with the eggplant. You can also use a standard-sized eggplant instead but it would be best cut into thin strips to make it easier to eat as a pizza topping.


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