I’m so excited about this new gadget!!! Jhaiji have been using the same one for decades and now I have one too, the sev sancha!  Until a few weeks ago I didn’t actually know what it was called and then was delighted that not only could I get one online but it looked identical to the one sitting in my parents kitchen cupboard. 

Do you what it is?! If you don’t, I can guarantee that you’ve eaten something made by it. It’s sometimes used for noodles and vermicelli but more importantly it makes the critical part of what you will know as “Bombay mix”.

Growing up in a household that made the majority of food at home, my parents also made snacks and sweets.  This was used to make one of my favourites seernee.  I can promise a recipe will follow. 

How to use it…

The top with the handle screws off to put in any of the mixes you can create. The mix needs to be a firm paste, seernee is made from besan (gram flour) and spices. 

The bottom also screws off to reveal the selection of different blades that the paste mix will be pushed through. 

Once the blade has been chosen, the body filled with the thick paste… Just turn the handle so that the paste is pushed through the blade. Just like Mr Potato head, you end up with fine strands of the mix which is dropped straight into a deep fat fryer. Ta daa! 

I will as promised post some recipes with more details but I thought I’d share this with you first.