For a recent annual dinner party with some friends we decided to put together a Mexican Fiesta! One of the spectacular finds was Elotes. It’s a popular street food with grilled corn. Brilliant as a side dish or just a random snack when you want something a little different. 

What you need…

 One corn on the cob per person… out of season be buy frozen half corns and have two each! 

A splash of any oil… just to lightly coat each corn. Vegetable or sunflower is ok, as well as butter.


Cayenne pepper…

Fresh coriander… chopped as a garnish.

A couple of wedges of lime.

Any melting tangy cheese… I normally just use a cheddar but traditionally cotija is used, crumbled or a feta. 

What you need to do…

Coat each corn lightly in the oil and place under a hot grill. Turn as each side grills. A bit of charring adds flavour… if for a party this can be done in preparation then the corns can be put in a hot oven nearer the time needed. 

Whilst still hot, slather each corn with mayonnaise. 

Place on a dish and crumble or grate the cheese over this

Sprinkle with cayenne pepper. 

Squeeze lime juice over the corn and garnish with chopped fresh coriander. 

What to do next…

Just eat but most importantly share and enjoy! 

…a random 6ft inflatable cactus from the evening! 


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