Most restaurants and takeaways often call this Bombay Potatoes.. I grew up knowing it as Aloo (potato) Subjee! My father, Papaji, still makes this for me and it’s simply the best!

What you need…
Double quantity of Tholka
About six medium sized potatoes
Tin of plum or chopped tomatoes
Two juicy plump tomatoes
Garam masala
Fresh coriander

What you need to do…
Peel, quarter the potatoes and par boil them…still firm but softening.
Leave them to cool.
Fry the double quantity of Tholka until light brown…low heat.
Sprinkle in a teaspoon of huldi and fry off for another few minutes.
Empty in the tin of tomatoes and cook, stir and simmer for about five minutes..still on a low heat.
Cut the potatoes into healthy mouth sized chunks.. not too small as they may disintegrate with further cooking!
Mix them in to the Tholka, almost using a folding action… continue with this style throughout so not to break the potatoes up too much!
Add about a teaspoon and a half of garam masala and stir in.
At this stage season with a healthy teaspoon of salt.. season properly when cooked and always to taste!
Pour in about half a tin of water, bring to boil, stir and then simmer with the lid on for at least another hour or until all the potatoes have softened.
Chop the fresh tomatoes and coriander and mix in at the final stage of cooking.
Don’t forget to taste and add more salt if needed… Sooo important!!
All done!

What to do next…
As with most of my traditional recipes any type of bread roti, pitta, naan or rice is great! A lovely cool plain yoghurt is also a great addition to the layer of flavours.
Eat and share..