Just a reminder when you’re out food shopping this weekend….

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Contrary to popular belief this is not the same as a Batchelor’s Kitchen! The Lazy Man’s Kitchen means you can always create something tasty at a moments notice!!

It is a cleverly stocked one that negates the need to keep popping out when famished! 

 There are a few things that I always have in my kitchen, hence cooking never seems a big deal. The thing that quite often puts me off cooking from recipes is that it will inevitably involve shopping for ingredients… quite often to be never used again!

Hence this list of essentials for my creations… it started off quite small… I never realised I had so much, oops! 

 I’ve tried to categorise it… in my own style 🙂
(I’ve tried to use proper names where I can, with translations… My recipes use both! 

Wet n oily stuff… 


Salted butter 

Vegetable oil 

Kewra water 

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