So… Now that the summer is over, what to do with the mountains of fresh herbs you’ve grown?! The hard herbs like coriander, thyme, rosemary… Easy, freeze them as they are! Delicate herbs like Basil, freezing as they are can be disappointing. I’ve researched lots of different methods and the best one I’ve found is freezing in oil!

What you need…
Lots of fresh Basil
Ice cube trays
Freezer bags
A good quality extra virgin oil…


What you need to do…
Chop up the basil.. just enough to fit in the ice cube tray.
Fill each cube compartment with about 4/5 of chopped basil.
Top up with olive oil…use a teaspoon to press the basil down and make sure the oil gets to the bottom of each cube.
Place in freezer over night… until it’s all frozen!
Once frozen, pop the cubes out and put into freezer bags…. and place bak into freezer until needed!

What you need to do next…
When you need to use the basil, take out as many cubes as you need and allow to melt in a dish… it won’t take long! ….and add it to any recipe you need it for!