This is one of my favourites that Jhaiji (mother) makes! For years, my version was just not as good as the original…I’d hasten to add its still not, but its closer now! The BIG difference was that I cut a massive corner… I used tinned kidney beans for convenience.. You can do this if you can’t find dried beans (which can be found in any decent supermarket) but you will notice an immense difference with the original recipe! Either way, I think you’ll love this one 🙂

What you need…
Stuff for Tholka
250g of dried red kidney beans….or two tins of red kidney beans in water.
Bunch of fresh coriander
Garam masala
Big pot or pressure cooker… thank you Bhanji

What you need to do…
Soak the dried beans in water, overnight… obviously if you are using tinned variety, don’t do this 😀
Do not drain the liquid from the soaked beans but instead add a couple of cups of water and boil, then simmer with the lid on.
If you use a pressure cooker it will reduce the time dramatically… However, I find that you can never really over cook these… So simmer for at least a couple of hours if possible! (Add boiled water if it reduces too much)
Chop up one lot of Tholka and in a seperate pan, fry in butter on a medium heat… healthier than Ghee, not as healthy as a vegetable oil! Tastiest with butter!!
Add the Huldi (level teaspoon) when onion start turning translucent.. And fry for a couple of minutes on a low heat.
In your pot of simmering red kidney beans, add a slightly heaped teaspoon of garam masala and stir in… always whilst stirring, squidge a generous about of kidney beans against the side of the pot with your stirrer… It thickens the sauce

Visually, the pot should be a deep reddish brown colour with the colour of the sauce… It should be like a gravy in consistency.

Once the beans are really soft, ladle some into the Tholka mix and mix it, then pour the whole lot into your big pot.. Simmer for a few more minutes.

Add salt to taste.. remember my tip..

Add fresh chopped coriander and stir in.

What you need to do next…

This is lovely with fresh yoghurt and rice, but also with roti or any suitable bread..

Share and eat…!