I went shopping yesterday and …oops! I could’ve spent lots more but I behaved!
What I did get are things I’d been looking for, for a long time.

James Martin Cutlery set…


If you’re going to cook scrummy food.. Don’t let your presentation spoil it! I’m so looking forward to the next “dinner party”!!

Jamie Oliver’s Pizza Stone…


I used to own before and I broke it into teeny pieces.. Not intentional lol making a fresh pizza (or even a frozen one) without the luxury of a wood fired oven (my next house WILL have one in the garden).. This may be the next best thing. Even cooking, crispy base and a base that can be used for serving… That stays very warm!

Le Creuset pot…


Not completely sure how I’m going to use this… I just had to get this!! I’m imagining a lovely subjee or daal being served in it placed in the centre of the table with everyone helping themselves.. 🙂

Although presentation may not improve the actual taste.. Remember we do eat with our eyes too 🙂