When I was very young my sister always cooked bund gobi for me… I always tried to help with limited success! As with most of my dishes it’s quite simple but the flavours are immense.

What you need…

Stuff for one lot of tholkait tastes better with coarsely chopped ginger!
1 whole white cabbage
4 medium potatoes
Teaspoon of huldi
2 teaspoons of garam masala
Salt to taste
Bunch of fresh coriander
Large pan… the cooked dish takes up a lot less space than when you start!

What you need to do…

Cook the tholka as usual and add and gently fry off the huldi.
Peel and chop the potatoes. The dish requires a long simmer so don’t chop the potatoes too small as they will vanish… chop in half and then quarter each half.
Add the potatoes and stir in for about 5 mins… make sure all the potatoes are covered.
Prepare the bund Gobi! Chop in half then dice into about 2cm chunks.. make sure you chop the stem at the bottom into half that size as it takes longer to cook.
Add this to the pan and stir thoroughly so that everything is mixed and coated.
Add the garam masala.
Add salt to taste… about 2 teaspoons, you can always add more at the end if needed!
Add about half a cup of water, put the lid on and simmer on a lowish setting.
Stir occasionally but gently as the potatoes will break up.
Chop the coriander and stir in.
When the water has been absorbed and the cabbage has softened… And if course the potatoes have cooked… it’s ready!

What to do next…

Serve with fresh plain yoghurt, roti or pitta or naan bread… And my favourite mango pickle!

Eat and share…!